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Dallas Foundation Room, Exclusive new club House Of Blues

Carl Adamo & pro football player Howie Long at the Foundation Room at The House of Blues in Atlantic City NJ last fall 2006 ....

The best kept secret in rock n roll comes to Dallas in 2 months!

Rumour of a New Foundation room in New York City continue...

Dallas Foundation Room part of the new House of Blues Dallas

The Dallas Foundation Room will provide a truly unique setting for entertaining. Members will enjoy a fireside lounge, sacred prayer rooms, elegant dining, and live entertainment, all of which will create the most exciting and unrivaled atmosphere in Dallas.


Overview Of Membership Benefits

Regardless of your city of membership, all members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of all the House of Blues Foundation Rooms. Currently there are rooms located in Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New Orleans and Atlantic City.

here is a review of the Foundation Room in Las Vegas
Foundation Room is open to the public for partying on Mondays

The lumpy dude in the fuzzy wuzzy blue-and-purple hat said it all without saying a word. His mere presence in the House of Blues Foundation Room spoke as loudly as his garish headgear, which looked as if it was fashioned from the hide of a punk rock muskrat.

Suffice it to say, he didn't seem like the type of guy who would plunk down $2,250 a year

for the privilege of sipping pricey cocktails beneath exotic paintings of a surrealist turkey and a black Jesus, which are among the many pieces of brightly colored folk art that adorn the Foundation Room's red upholstered walls.

But it was Monday night, the one evening of the week when this exclusive, members-only club high atop Mandalay Bay opens its doors to all.

Of course, you still have to dress to impress -- gaudy hats excepted, apparently -- lest you want to be forced to loiter in the crowded lobby on the ground floor of the hotel, waiting your turn as the beautiful people skip by.

Once inside the club, you can't help but feel like a high roller -- even if your pockets are no deeper than your navel. The place is festooned with gold-leaf ceilings, rich Indian fabrics, crackling fireplaces, ornate wood carvings of religious iconography and a patio that offers one of the best views of the Strip.

On Mondays, an evening dubbed "Godspeed," the music is as varied as the decor.

The club's dining room is converted into an '80s-leaning discotheque, where INXS and Rod Stewart rule.

Beneath shimmering Italian chandeliers, revelers hoist drinks on a dance floor made of fine Oriental rugs. Thick blue-and-maroon drapes hang from big floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the club's patio, 50 stories above the Strip.

In the Foundation Room lounge, house and trance is spun as a myriad of television monitors display nature footage of rock formations and desert skies. Think "Wild Kingdom" with beer.

Down a long hall decorated with black-and-white portraits of blues greats such as Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Henry Qualls, lies the Shangri-La Room, where hip-hop predominates.

The room is decorated with rich dark woods and ornate iron fixtures, giving the place the feel of an Old World cathedral -- an Old World cathedral where Young Jeezy sermonizes.

A small dance floor is roped off from a series of couches, where bottle service is offered, beginning at $275.

For the most part, you have to pay if you want to sit anywhere in this place.

On a recent Monday, the crowd was a mix of big money and small dresses. There were well-monied Foundation Room regulars, older gents in expensive sport coats who can afford a $1,500 bottle of fine Chateau Haut Brion wine, which tops the club's drink menu.

They pushed through the crowded throng of partyers, elbow to elbow with young blondes in jeans and half-shirts, dancing with their hands in the air, their eyeshadow as thick as the scent of incense that hung in the air.

The place gets packed, but with bars in each of the three main rooms, the lines for drinks are surprisingly manageable.

Plus, the traffic is somewhat dispersed by a series of private alcoves hidden in various nooks and crannies of the club behind drapes, such as the Ganesh Room and the Buddha Room, named after the religious figures whose likenesses dominate their decor.

These comfy hide-outs will still be off limits to most folks who show up on Mondays, but for a night, everyone can at least get a glimpse of the high life -- even if your finances are dwarfed by a big goofy hat.

more about the Foundation Room in AC

Atlantic City Foundation Room

The Atlantic City Foundation Room will provide a truly unique setting for entertaining. Members will enjoy a fireside lounge, sacred prayer rooms, elegant dining, and live entertainment, all of which will create the most exciting and unrivaled atmosphere in Atlantic City.


Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk, the Foundation Room Lounge is a unique synthesis of luxury and vibrant energy. Velvet seating adorned in colorful jewel-tones, global art and architectural artifacts, an extensive wine list, premium bar selections and music and entertainment work together to create an eclectic atmosphere in Atlantic City’s most unique and enticing room. The Raja room (media room) is available for viewing of live concert and sporting events.

Prayer Rooms

Members who are seeking a more intimate space within the Atlantic City Foundation Room, may retire to one of four Prayer Rooms. The Shiva and Buddha rooms feature Asian artifacts and statues wit hand-carved wall mountings and doors. The Ganesh room features a Hindu alter to the Elephant-headed God and East Indian artifacts. The Oba room is the first African-styled Prayer room, and includes statues, ceremonial masks and walls adorned with mud-cloths from Mali. Each Prayer Room can be used as an exclusive ‘hang out’ or private dining space for approximately 8 guests.

Dining Room

Our fine dining room showcases a progressive American menu encompassing influences from the American south, which are blended with the exciting flavors of the Pacific Rim. Exotic, tantalizing and unique culinary offerings are complemented by the eclectic setting of 19th century French carved mahogany, Oriental carpets and intimate booths.

Private Dining Room

Durga is a private dining room available for 12-15 guests. Adorned with mahogany walls and East-Indian decor, Durga is the most exclusive table in Atlantic City.


Brigette DePiano
Foundation Sales Manager 609.385.6901 email

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